Tuesday, April 8, 2014

BEAUTY: The Work Lip

Do you ever just feel so excited about something that you can't keep from telling everyone you meet about it? Well for the last couple of weeks I've been keeping something quite secret that has been bubbling up, ready to burst, but now I can officially proclaim it to the world!

I'm going to be an intern! And not just any intern. An actual merchandising intern for the international company Lands' End! It's an incredible opportunity and I just found out that I clinched a spot this afternoon. I interviewed last week, and that is when I discovered this particular lipstick combination and I'm quite infatuated with it at the moment. Maybe it's a good luck combo?

First is MAC's Modesty. It's a perfect "your lips but better" color for me particularly and I believe is a Satin finish. Not glossy, not matte, just a happy medium. It was a gift for Valentine's Day from my boyfriend, and I do think he deserves a little brag for picking it out. Not many men can successfully do that! On top is L'oreal's Color Caresse Wet Shine Stain in "Rose On and On". The stain on it's own is pretty, although it doesn't stay "wet" long. It feels quite hydrating to apply, and I am a big fan of the super soft doe foot applicator they ingeniously used for it.

All in all, this seems like a professional yet young lip combination. Good for work or a subtle lip for a smokey eye perhaps? That might be next on the list to conquer. I look like something from a cheap strip club when I try to do a smokey eye. This lip combo might help with that? Eh, doubtful. But a girl can pretend.

Ps- try to pay no mind to my otherwise makeup-less face in this picture. One of the beauties of blogging is that some days require nothing more than a computer and sweats, but in the very last minutes of light I decided to get these pictures in and I didn't have time for an entire face of makeup. I think you all can deal with it just this once ;)

xoxo, Katie


  1. Perfect combination , final look , looks great :)