Monday, April 29, 2013

Review: Victoria's Secret Shiny Kiss Lipgloss

I'm not 100% sure how these came into my possession. I came home from my boyfriend's to find them laying on the table, and my mom asking me "hey, you want these?". I know she didn't go out and buy them (she's always too afraid of buying the wrong thing), so my guess is that someone gave them to her? Oh well, either way, it's fun (and free!) for me to review!

(Ignore the weird little face hairs. I just put on foundation so they were all sticking up. I don't have a beard, I swear)

The first color, "Taffy Go Lucky", is a vibrant Barbie jelly pink with teeny gold glitters. In this picture you can really see them on my lips, but in a normal mirror they were almost invisible. I think this color would look really nice over a similarly colored lipstick. The opacity is probably a 3/10. If you lay it on thick you might get a more solid color, but it's still a gloss and very sheer.

The second color, "Strawberry Fizz", made me nervous when I first saw it. It's so glittery and metallic looking that I couldn't get passed that it looked like something a middle school girl discovering makeup would pick out. Still, I forged ahead to be happily surprised. It's definitely glittery, but not at all frosty or metallic, and it gives an almost invisible peachy glow to the lips. Very subtle, but still pretty. The opacity is a 1/10. Pretty much completely sheer with only the TINIEST color pay off.

The formula lives up to it's name of being extra shiny, and it wasn't quite as sticky as I remember Victoria's Secret lipgloss being. I haven't had any since early high school, so I'm sure they've changed the formula since then. The smell was QUITE enticing, and the packaging says "flavored gloss" but it wasn't very tasteful. It was more scented than anything.

Overall, I wouldn't go out and buy these, but it has reopened my mind to the world of VS Lipgloss, so perhaps I might wander in and give their less glittery glosses a shot.

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  1. Great review...and I like the Strawberry Fizz on you as well. The peach undertone is beautiful.
    And I wanted to respond to your comment on my blog are so right! I was initially dressing the style with skinny jeans, however I just wasn't feeling like I was having a "skinny day." I do think the skinny jeans would have been so much better, it just wasn't happening that day ;)
    Anyway, thanks so much for leaving a comment. It also helps me find YOUR blog, which is awesome btw!
    xo - Marion