Monday, December 31, 2012

...and a Happy New Year!

As this is my first post since Christmas, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! I know mine was quite fantastic, and I'm so grateful for everything I received and all the people I was able to spend time with. My boyfriend is in town (and we have a sneaky little post for you all soon!) and I'm currently spending my New Year's Eve celebration with lots of friends after going out to dinner. I thought I'd put up a few snaps of my dinner outfit. I hope everyone else is ringing in the New Year happily, be that at home and cozy or out partying (but always safely!)

Dress- Kohl's, clearance for $8
Bracelet- Claire's, old
Ring- Kohl's, old
Boots- Baker's, clearance, $12.50
Lipstick- Clinique Chubby Stick in Super Strawberry

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

As some of you may know, my boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship, and so for the last week I've been visiting him and his family. Thankfully, I brought along my camera. Unfortunately, it wasn't used for it's intended purposes of outfit pictures. Instead, a snow storm, that I would never have experienced further south at home, hit today and we've been locked inside all day! It's been a lovely day inside all warm and toasty, though, so I thought I'd show you a few snippets from the day.

His cat, Mojo, was very into being a kitty model today.
Sammy, however, was too busy sleeping by the fire to be very bothered with posing nicely.

6 inches of snow later, it's finally slowed down, I think. Although its hard to tell since the wind is blowing everything around. Hope you all had as nice a Thursday as mine was, and tomorrow is Friday! The last weekend for Christmas shopping! It is sure to be a mad house. Hopefully you've been more responsible than I have and finished shopping before now ;) Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holiday Outfit Inspiration

I should be studying for my last final right about now. What am I doing instead? Playing around on Polyvore, of course!

I've recently been inspired to come up with some holiday outfits. I know that everyone celebrates differently, so I tried my best to come up with outfits for all sorts of occasions. Enjoy!

Outfit #1 - In A One-Horse Open Sleigh 
Holiday Outfit One

Emilio Pucci | J. Crew | Burberry | Banana Republic | Sheinisde
While creating this outfit I was envisioning riding through Central Park in a horse drawn carriage with sun shining on a freshly fallen blanket of snow...idealistic and slightly un-realistic, I know, but it made for some nice inspiration!

Outfit #2- To Grandmother's House We Go
holiday outfit #2

Madewell | Gap | Jeffrey Campbell | Stephen Dweck
Perfect for the evening with a boyfriend's family to impress all the relatives, especially with interesting pieces like the fox ring and stone/chain earrings. Oh and of course the fur snood!

Outfit #3- Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire

holiday outfit 3
Miss Selfridge | Gap | Marc by Marc Jacobs
Just a comfy outfit to have on for a casual day of family, fun, and food while still keeping warm and looking great!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Welcome to Suburbia

Hello all! I've received my American Apparel riding pants in the mail and I am blown away. I didn't know it was possible to surpass my disco pants as my favorite pair of pants, but these have. They're so comfortable and warm that I'm not sure when anyone might see me in anything else from this point forward!

Now, I've decided to post these photos, but with a disclaimer. My camera has been a jerky little piece of crap lately. It's always had issues focusing, but for some reason almost NONE of the photos are in focus. And you can't tell until you load them on the computer! Thankfully I'm upgrading to an AMAZING Nikon d3000 for Christmas. I even got it on a Black Friday special with a 55mm lens! I'm beyond excited. So after Christmas be prepared for some photos that are actually worth their salt.

(My lovely photographer for the day! These photos were taken at her lovely subdivision home, hence the title!)

Top: Forever21, hand-me down
Pants: Riding pants, American Apprel
Shoes: Suede flats, HotKiss
Earrings: Jeweled metal feathers, H&M
Bracelet: Gold chain with leather accent, c/o Reese and Taylor

Later this week I'll be posting photos of my bracelet for the LOVELY Reese&Taylor Etsy shop! It is beyond perfect with just about any outfit, but I'll save my praise for it's own special post. And there might be a little surprise for you all in there too ;)

Happy Holidays everyone! 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Recommended Reading (and watching!)

My my, what a bad blogger I've been. It's been so long :( I honestly have no other excuse except that I haven't made time for this like I should be. Admittedly it's been busy with the holidays and my birthday (I turned....20 *shudder* OLD) and now finals are quickly approaching. But tons of other bloggers manage so why shouldn't I?!

So since I know I won't be making another post until finals are over (next week, thank the Lord), I've been inspired by all my professors who continue to give us "recommended break reading" even though we all know none of us will do it. So I'm here to recommend some of my favorite bloggers in hopes that you might pay them a visit in my absence.

author: Kavita
style: embelished grunge

She is actually the first blogger I really started to follow a while back. In the last 6 months her career has really taken off, and she owns an *incredible* eBay shop called YouWearFashion where she handpicks vintage items and remakes them. She had a great sense of style and frequently updates. Definitely worth adding to your frequently visited tab!

author: Breanne
style: sweet and cozy

This lady is a Canadian gem I stumbled upon by sheer circumstance and I'm glad I did because she's one of my favorites now. She also owns a shop, but her's is on Etsy. She makes the sweetest skirts and especially cute leggings with little leather heart patches on the knees *squee*! Many of her posts include inspirations and other bobbles besides her outfits so it's great if you're not into strictly outfit-post blogs.

Suburban Faux-Pas
author: Krystin
style: trendy chic

Yet another Canadian author, but with a completely different twist. In her 'about' page she says that she followed her husband to the suburbs, and that her blog is a collection of outfits that have shocked the neighbors. Love it!


I know that these aren't blogs, but both of these lovely ladies run blogs in addition to Youtube channels, and every time I rediscover them I just cannot get enough! Zoe (or Zoella) and Louise (or Sprinkle of Glitter) are best friends (courtesy of the blogging world!) and both run similar beauty and lifestyle blogs and Youtube channels. I've purchased many a product thanks to these two ladies.

 Louise is married with the most darling baby, so her videos and blogs do include things like that, but I still enjoy them even as a non-mother watcher. Both are hilarious, lovable women and deserve a check out! (If you haven't already. Both are widely popular)

Zoella (Youtube link)
Zoella (blog link)

Sprinkle of Glitter (Youtube link)
Sprinkle of Glitter (Blog link)