Monday, October 28, 2013

Braid on Braids: Easy Autumnal Layering

Sweater- H&M
Dress- Thrifted
Rings- Forever21
Boots- Payless (WHAT?! I know, I know)

Autumnal layering is here! One of my favorite (and easiest) ways of transitioning summer clothing to fall is throwing a sweater on top of a dress. Most of the time no one even knows! I got quite a few compliments on my "skirt" when I wore this. Little did they know I was quite the trickster and it was a dress I'd worn when it was also 80 degrees out! This usually works best for dresses that already have a muted or fall color palette, but it might be a fun challenge to see how you could dress a summer colored piece for the coming months.

As the days go on, I'm realizing slowly that I'm going to need to invest in a pair of thicker (read: warmer) tights. It's already getting chillier here at school faster than it would at home and I have a feeling my $5 Walmart tights aren't going to cut it for the snow. Does anyone have an recommendations for tights that won't make my wallet scream out?

Friday, October 25, 2013

Last Ditch Effort

Shirt- Los Angeles Men
Dress- Urban Outfitters
Shoes- Vans
Necklace- Buckle
Earrings- Thrifted

I got my wish and fall has officially begun to settle in. I may- wait, scratch that- I DEFINITELY should have worn tights this day, but I wasn't quite ready to give up the freedom of my legs just yet. Flannel does wonders to keep the chill out even when your legs are covered in goosebumps :p

More and more lately I've been throwing my hair up on top of my head, and my bun seems to be getting a wee bit out of control. The sock bun just feels like a giant satellite on top of my head at this point. Thick hair+curls+added volume is a combination just asking for trouble. Other than the general run-ins with homework and small town problems, it's been a relatively uneventful week. The weekend ahead is a debatable Halloween weekend, though, and I'm STILL costume-less. Please oh please throw me a few DIY ideas if you have any- I'm getting desperate over here!


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

500 Days of Summer

This weather is going to drive me into an insane asylum, I swear! One day it'll be freezing, the next I'll be regretfully pulling out the shorts again. I'm more than ready for the fall clothes that have been sitting in my closet for the last 10 months. Today it dipped pretty low though, so cross your fingers that this will be the last post featuring summer items for a while. (However, as soon as this is typed, I'm sure I'll be wishing for the heat of the sun again...there's no pleasing me really)

Shirt- Thrifted (Ann Taylor)
Cardigan- Thrifted (unknown)
Shorts- Thrifted (Calvin Klein)
Necklace- Hautelook
Shoes- Thrifted (unknown)

How gorgeous are these pictures? Once again, taken by my lovely friend Elana of Room 334. We had a spectacular little coffee date, talked about life, and generally enjoyed the last warm day of the year. Pretty soon we're going to have to start getting creative about our photo locations so we're not freezing to death...

Monday, October 21, 2013

Double Derp

Welcome back to land of the living! Or at least normalcy, because that's definitely what it feels like to be back in a blogging groove again. School seriously throws everything in a time warp, I swear. This was just a simple outfit worn to a day jam-packed with classes, and the biggest struggle seems to be finding a bag/purse that carries everything that is also fashionable. My neon floral backpack isn't quite appropriate for every occasion, haha. What bags, purses, or backpacks do you use to carry your school items when it's more than just a notebook and a pen?

Monday, October 14, 2013

I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up!

Words cannot express the mad respect I hold for people who blog multiple times a week in the "real world". Even having been in college for two years prior, moving away has really thrown me into the position of taking serious responsibility for everything I need, and blogging just somehow kept getting pushed to the back burner! I've fallen off the blogging wagon. I'm still not positive how days seem to take weeks, but then somehow three weeks goes by in the span of a class's a time warp, I'm telling you *cue Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack*

You may be wondering why I keep rambling on about time. Well, my friends, it is because I'm asking for your help! While I try my best to keep organization a priority, there is always room for improvement. 

I've kept a notebook of ideas for a few months now, and while that seems to help, I think that really needs to happen is some sort of schedule- a planner maybe? How is it that any of you stay organized? How to do you keep your posts consistantly updated, be it tri-weekly, bi-weekly, weekly, etc.? 

 (This was just for the giggles because let's be real- we all know that this hits home on far too deep a level, haha)