Monday, September 23, 2013

Go-To Smell Goods Review

One of the best parts about being a girl is the ability to smell good at any time and not be judged for it. Now you may be thinking "why would anyone judge someone for smelling good?", but think about it. If a girl leaves the gym smelling like vanilla lotion, no one bats an eye. Of course, there is always the flip side that people now EXPECT women to smell like daisies 100% of the time, but that's a completely different topic...

Essentially, I just wanted to share my favorite scents at the moment. My favorite lotion is "Be Enchanted" from Bath and Body Works. I have this in mini-lotion bottles, but also the big body cream tube which is just heavenly. It's so smooth and creamy, and enchanting is quite an appropriate word to describe it.

The second two are traditional perfumes. One is "Princess" by Vera Wang, the second in "Viva La Juicy" by Juicy Couture. Both are relatively sweet scents, which I generally tend to gravitate toward. I would say that Princess is a lighter, sweet scent, and Viva La Juicy is a slightly heavier, darker sweet smell. Did that make sense to anyone? No? Alright, then I've just eliminated "perfume reviewer" from my list of possible careers. If you have the chance to get a whiff of these for yourself, though, I would recommend checking them out. They've quickly become my go-to's, plus who can resist a heart shaped bottle with a princess crown on top? Definitely not this girl.

Friday, September 20, 2013

New York is for Lovers

T-shirt: American Apparel
Blazer: American Eagle
Jeans: JBrand
Boots: Baker's
Watches: Thrifted
Nails: Essie "Butler Please"
Lipstick: MAC "Ruby Woo"

I'm so fortunate to have made a blogger friend here at was supposed to be rainy all week except for one day and she texted me the night before to plan for pictures. That's the kind of for-thought and organization I need!

This t-shirt from American Apparel is honestly the comfiest t-shirt I've ever put on. It's super soft, pre-washed to be broken in and slightly oversized, and it's such a cute print! I got this one and two others on a sale where they were just 5 DOLLARS EACH, which is crazy considering how expensive AA usually is. That's generally the reason for my low bank statements...

Other than that, there isn't much to report! School is entering the 6TH week on monday and it's blowing my mind. Time really does just fly sometimes!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Liebster Award...round 2?!

I've been nominated for another Liebster Award! Ahhh! I feel so giddy and bubbly to the point of goofiness when things like this happen. It just solidifies in my mind that maybe you all really DO like me! *cue Academy Awards speech cliche*
For those of you who don't know, a Liebster Award is a virtual appreciation to bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers. The presenter of the award issues 11 questions for the nominees to answer on their own blog, and then the nominees become the presenters by choosing 11 new small blogs to give 11 new questions to...ya follow?

So here are the 11 questions given to me by Laura at Fashion For 21 and the 10 given by Charley at Beauty Robot

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Easy Fall Outfits for Class

As I'm coming up on my fifth week at a new college, I've discovered the truth to one very alarming and disheartening college cliche- no one dresses up for class.

Now, I'm not asking for dresses, suits, and ties here, students, but when it's considered "dressing up" to wear jeans and close toed shoes, we have a problem. There are plenty of ways to branch out of the running shorts and hoodies, and it doesn't have to be difficult. The best way to get started is to just stock your closet with simple basics that will be easy to wear and style when you're just getting started. Buying a crazy patterned shirt might seem fun at the time, but more than likely it will end up sitting in your closet until you have a special event because you won't know how to wear it for a casual day with friends or to go to class. That's where these items come in.

Rang & Bone Boyfriend Jeans

Aldo Heels

All three of these photo sets could be mix and matched to be worn with any of the options. Pull one from each category and there's an outfit right there. Add a bag, a couple accessories, and you're ready to walk out the door in less than 10 mins without having to resort to sweatpants and a tshirt. The best part of all is that you're not going to be tugging at your clothes all day, worried about what people think of you. Because you know what they'll be thinking? "Dang, I wish I hadn't worn these same sweatpants again today..."

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Jeepers, Creepers!

Dress- Forever21
Vest- Goodwill
Necklace- Thrifted
Sunglasses- Avalon Exchange
Creepers- Urban Outfitters
Socks- American Apparel

The day has finally arrived! After months of lusting after the shoes I swore up and down I would never wear, I finally have my very own pair and they haven't left my feet. They're perfect for my style I've had as of late- a mix between girly and British grunge. Why I think it's particularly British, I have no idea, but for some reason I always just feel like I need to be in London when I'm getting dressed. I sprung for the original low sole TUK pair, even though there are tons of dupes on eBay. I just had heard too many times that the cheaper pairs kill your feet, and I didn't want to waste my time after waiting so long.

I'm just amazed that I actually love these as much as I do. Is there an item that you love now that you once swore you'd never own? What changed your mind?

Sunday, September 8, 2013

It's a New Dawn, It's a New Day

I've realized now that the last two posts I've made both have my striped shirt and neon jellies...I swear I own more clothes than these! For some reason I just seem to be able to take photos on days I'm wearing these. To be honest, however, I had completely spaced about taking these pictures (hence the zero makeup, and yes, I really am as tired as I look).

Top- Forever21
Overalls- Goodwill
Necklace- Betsey Johnson
Backpack- JCPenney 

I honestly felt like I should have been on the set of Saved By The Bell that day. Light wash denim overalls, bright accessories, a colorful backpack- it was a great throwback day. Also, you will probably be seeing this gate quite a bit more from now on since I've officially finished my 3rd week at my new college. It really is completely different living away from home, even in a dorm setting. Everything is just thrown at you all at once which is either a great way to succeed...or a great way to fail. I'm crossing my fingers for the former though.

Lastly, I need to give a huge nod to Elana from Room 334 who took these photos! She's in one of my classes and it's just fantastic to find another blogger. Since I was new to the program this year, I expecting a bit more pressure from my fellow fashion students to push myself in my dress. However, it's not uncommon to find more than half the class in tshirts and leggings...thankfully Elana breaks that pattern with me!