Friday, March 7, 2014

My Spring Break Makeup Travel Bag

Since the countdown is officially in full swing (t-minus 28 hours and 47 minutes to take off), I am of course scrambling around trying to get everything ready. It's a little known fact that I am a horrendous packer. I will inevitably forget something necessary, have a meltdown about it, and then have to improvise the rest of the trip. To add stress to that, I've never been to California or anywhere west of Kansas City really, so the weather completely confounds me. What does a "no humidity" even mean?

There was a saving grace in the one bag that was relatively easy to pack- makeup. I know I'm not going to want to fuss with TOO much, and I also want my skin to soak up as much freckle-inducing sunlight as possible (all under a layer of SPF of course). So here are the essentials that I was able to fit neatly into this size Victoria's Secret bag.

The Basics

Every good face starts out with a good base. So let's start from the bottom up. The Maybelline Baby Skin is a new discovery of mine. I'm not sure if it's really a new product, but I've steered clear of the makeup aisles for months now so as not to tempt myself. It's supposed to "erase pores" much like the super popular Benefit Porefessional. I can't say that this is a miracle product, but it was around the $6 mark and I do think my makeup glides on smoother with it. I'll put up a full review after a couple weeks of use.

Next, I've packed my Aveeno BB Cream. It has an oil-free SPF 30 formula, perfect for fast application with fingers or a brush. Which then leads me into which brushes I'm bringing. In classic beauty blogger fashion, I'm all about the RealTechniques brushes. The first one (pink handle) is the blush brush. The next three in order are the buffing brush (I use this for blending my powder with my BB cream), the contour brush (for bronzer), and the detailing brush (for concealer). So then speaking of concealer, I'm taking along my FAVORITE Maybelline Age Rewind under eye concealer. Seriously, this stuff works miracles. It isn't too heavy, it brightens up the face, and has lasted me ages. Second, I'm taking my Hard Candy "Glamoflage" concealer. It's not the best, but it does have fantastic coverage and doesn't get too cakey when I use the detail brush.

Lastly, the little stragglers of this photo. For powder I've brought my Rimmel Stay Matte powder in translucent. Trusty, dependable, and easy to replace if it gets broken in-flight. The little brown pencil next to my concealers is my favorite Mary Kay eyebrow pencil in Brunette. Lastly, I'm dragging my bulky Naked2 pallet. I know that it takes up tons of space, but it has the perfect combination of day to night colors for a bronze-y California look. Plus it's just easier to reach in and grab this instead of searching through 10 eyeshadow pots.

The Extras

I'm super proud of myself for only packing 5 lip products INCLUDING a Baby Lips chapstick. I am notorious for bringing an army of lip colors simply because I never know what I might need! But I pushed myself to dial it back and I think I made good choices. The two "colors" I'm bringing are Rimmel Show Off liquid lipsticks in Stellar and Luna. Stellar is a vibrant almost-red pink that can double as a bright day-time or going out lipstick. Luna is a beautiful orange toned peach great with a bronze eye. The last two (Rimmel Just Bitten balm in "Precious" and NYX Butter Gloss in "Creme Brulee") are a great pale nude combo perfect for any day time outfit or with smokey eye. 

For bronzer and blush I'm taking two compacts. The first is the blush/bronzer "Gloriously Golden" from the Flower collection. I am a huge fan of this brand because they are all made in the US and never test on animals! I also just bought this Maybelline bronzer, and I'm only taking it to try and force myself into using it. So far it hasn't wowed me and hardly shows up on my skin! Cross your fingers.

Lastly, I have my all time eye staples- Wet n Wild's Mega Liquid eyeliner and Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in Yeyo. The travel mascara is by Tarte (Lights, Camera, Lashes!) and while it's probably not my faaaavorite mascara of all time, the tube is small and I was running out of room, haha. Lastly is the little pot at the top. That is "Bare Study" paint pot by MAC. It doubles as a pretty shimmer stand-alone eyeshadow and highlighter. Two-for-one is the name of the game when packing.

So that's what I'm taking! I still have a little time, so if you know of something I'm forgetting (or if you know I've packed something I won't use) leave a comment! I also want to know what YOUR travel makeup essentials are.


  1. Mrs. Barrymore's own makeup line is every girl's dream - as the shades of her eyeshadow shades or bronzer/blusher and lipsticks are natural with a girly touch (in packaging design!:)) Love Urban Decay Palettes as well - I'll purchase myself soon the NP 3! - Hopefully:)

    NIKA Bittner

  2. the naked 2 palette is perfect for traveling <3

    you can find me at...
    ordaining serendipity

  3. Love the urban decay pallette and the real techniques brushes, my fav :)

    TERRIFACE | UK Fashion Blog

  4. Oooo which part of California are you going to? :D

    And same here! I bring BB cream and urban decay palette when I travel too :)

  5. You've some great products here. I totally love Real Techniques brushes. Have a great vacay! =)