Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Styling March Madness: Round One

Howdy, friends and blog readers (although I hope to count you as a friend if you read my blog). If you didn't already know, I am currently an intern for College Fashionista where I write weekly style articles focusing on accessories. Every Friday you can see the lovely people around my campus, but for the next few weeks they are running a competition on their Facebook page starring those of us usually behind the camera!

Jacket- Forever21
Top- H&M
Jeans- Gap
Heels- H&M
Necklace and Sunglasses- Thrifted

I wore this outfit on the last day of my California trip before changing into more practical airport friendly clothes, but it seemed like a pretty good representation of my style for the contest. Minimal and clean yet up to date with a little girly edge.

So what I would love is a little help from my readers. If you could follow THIS link and like the photo, that counts as a vote! That's all you need to do! Feel free to friend request me if you happen to see my Facebook page, but just one extra vote could put me into the next round. YOU HAVE TO ACT FAST THOUGH BECAUSE THE 1ST ROUND ENDS TOMORROW (March 19) at 11:59 EST. So vote as soon as you see this! haha feel free to share it with you Facebook friends as well! Of course, only vote if you do like my outfit, but hopefully you do if you're following me? I'd like to think so at least. Thanks, friends (yes, I'm assuming we are all friends now).

xoxo, Katie

ps- you can also find all of my articles for College Fashionista here if you are looking for something else to read!


  1. Hey,i am so glad for you for your intern and it is an amazing experience

    I am Royal,i have a new post. stay in touch


  2. Gorgeous look really love the white jacket x


  3. You're pics are very nice :)
    and your outfit it's super cool
    very style

  4. Such a chic outfit! Love the white forever 21 jacket <3

    New Post: Navy
    xoxo, Claire from Vancouver, Canada

  5. Cute jacket :) M&M FASHION BITES http://mmfashionbites.blogspot.gr/

  6. Love this simple look!



  7. Your look is amazing ;) love your hair :) kiss from Poland !

  8. Such a cool outfit, I really love your hair, it's so gorgeous :D