Monday, March 17, 2014

May Your Monday Be a Little Brighter

Coming back from spring break is hard. Not only does it mean heading back to the freezing cold Midwest for classes, but it also means that internship applications begin to be responded to. It's generally a depressing and nerve-wracking time (especially since I'm getting sick now too- thanks a lot, airplane travel). To potentially lighten the blows of tests and rejection, I'm attempting to cheer myself up with adorable and pretty things. Hopefully this brightens your Monday a little bit, because I'm not really sure about mine. Pinterest will be my best friend today, so if you're not following me you definitely should go do that. Now.

xoxo, Katie

I just really really REALLY want a pet :(

Anything with sugar and lemons I am all about. 

How adorable is this? Plus the artist is amazing.

Happy St. Patricks Day!

I absolutely adore this, and most of her prints start at only $10. I need one in my life asap. Find her Etsy shop here! 
Beautiful ice cream is always a good idea- especially it if involves cake.

PS- I also just realized it's been a whole 10 days since my last post- whew! Time flies when you're busy. Be on the lookout for posts with pictures from my spring break outfits and adventures later on this week.

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  1. I absolutely love that starbucks and disney print, so so cute! X