Thursday, October 4, 2012

One Last Summer Fling

(sorry for the poopy photos. my camera has been acting up. it really is time to upgrade :/)

The first pair is finished! A while back I bought a pair of these vintage Levi's a few months back and decided I was going to make them over. And they are finally finished! Sadly, it's now too cold to wear them where I live and I've lost weight to where they are too big for me :( If you or someone you know is a size 33 in Levi's, email me! I'd love to sell them to a happy home :) 

Now that I have them all ready to go, I really want to work on seeing what else I can do. Especially with stuff I already own. I'm going to try and not buy too many items this fall/winter except for a few little pieces I already have picked out. My wallet just can't afford anything too expensive! So I'll be updating my eBay shop very soon. Please keep a look out for that as I save up for a new camera!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cat Lady...Meow

Edgy, risky, possibly something you've seen your great-aunt wear...yes, the animal shirt.

(all photos found on tumblr)

I've been contemplating buying one for a while now. Anyone who knows me knows my love for kittens and cats. My boyfriend sends me pictures of them on a daily basis. It's probably in my destiny to become a cat lady, and I'm okay with that. So it seems fitting for me to own a cat shirt. I've not taken the leap yet, mostly because I'm worried about being able to pull it off and instead looking like a granny. So tell me: should I take the plunge? Would you dare to wear an animal shirt (wolf, cat, horse, etc)?