Monday, October 21, 2013

Double Derp

Welcome back to land of the living! Or at least normalcy, because that's definitely what it feels like to be back in a blogging groove again. School seriously throws everything in a time warp, I swear. This was just a simple outfit worn to a day jam-packed with classes, and the biggest struggle seems to be finding a bag/purse that carries everything that is also fashionable. My neon floral backpack isn't quite appropriate for every occasion, haha. What bags, purses, or backpacks do you use to carry your school items when it's more than just a notebook and a pen?

Skirt- Windsor
Shirt- H&M
Loafers- Urban Outfitters
Necklace- Thrifted
Bracelets- Thrifted, Reese & Taylor (etsy)
Nails- "Bazooka" by Essie

On a different note, I have once again fallen in love with my oxblood and gold leather wrap bracelet from Reese & Taylor. I swear it's been my most essential accessory for fall and winter since it came in the mail last year- perfect for stacking! Now if only I had a big chunky gold watch to stack it with...

PS- I totally felt like I was channeling my inner Marion from Marionberry Style in this outfit. I'm not sure why..maybe it's the maxi skirt/button up combo, or maybe just the fact that I'm dressing more and more like a grownup as the days go on and I draw from her as an inspiration for outfits that require more sophistication (but don't worry, I'm not TOO much an adult yet :p )

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