Sunday, December 9, 2012

Welcome to Suburbia

Hello all! I've received my American Apparel riding pants in the mail and I am blown away. I didn't know it was possible to surpass my disco pants as my favorite pair of pants, but these have. They're so comfortable and warm that I'm not sure when anyone might see me in anything else from this point forward!

Now, I've decided to post these photos, but with a disclaimer. My camera has been a jerky little piece of crap lately. It's always had issues focusing, but for some reason almost NONE of the photos are in focus. And you can't tell until you load them on the computer! Thankfully I'm upgrading to an AMAZING Nikon d3000 for Christmas. I even got it on a Black Friday special with a 55mm lens! I'm beyond excited. So after Christmas be prepared for some photos that are actually worth their salt.

(My lovely photographer for the day! These photos were taken at her lovely subdivision home, hence the title!)

Top: Forever21, hand-me down
Pants: Riding pants, American Apprel
Shoes: Suede flats, HotKiss
Earrings: Jeweled metal feathers, H&M
Bracelet: Gold chain with leather accent, c/o Reese and Taylor

Later this week I'll be posting photos of my bracelet for the LOVELY Reese&Taylor Etsy shop! It is beyond perfect with just about any outfit, but I'll save my praise for it's own special post. And there might be a little surprise for you all in there too ;)

Happy Holidays everyone! 

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