Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Am I a little over the top? Possibly. Is it a good thing? Absolutely.

My love for puppies and kittens knows no bounds; I've been trying to get my boyfriend to steal his neighbor's cat's kittens for about two months now (to no avail, sadly). Since I won't be able to have pets in my apartment this fall and I'll be living away from my pets this summer, the next best thing is to fill the rooms with pet themed home items.

1.  2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Of course I wouldn't put all of these in the same room (or would I?), but a cute reminder of our furry friends placed here and there isn't all bad. Especially if they easily fit into the color scheme or design. Every loves to cuddle up to a pillow with the shape of their favorite breed on the front!

No? Just me? Eh, oh well.

xoxo, Katie


  1. Those items are so cute.
    I especially like no. 7, the book.
    Rubi x
    The Den

  2. I absolutely adore the dachshund pillow! I would totally stick in my little sausages bed, haha! :D New follower over here! :)

    Felicity xx