Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring Trend Favorite: Collarless Jackets

I'm not sure if it's the fake sense of sophistication or the fact that I snagged a really fantastic Michael Kors one over spring break (I promise I'll post it soon), but I am absolutely obsessed with collarless jackets at the moment. I was first introduced when Laura from Buy Now, Blog Later featured a super chic tweed version from ASOS- adorable AND professional. Now that I've really honed in on the internship and job search (a couple leads, but I'm not talking about them until anything is final. I'm quite superstitious about jinxing things like this) I have had the urge to add work appropriate and mature pieces to my closet.

Collarless jackets seem like a no-brainer for this type of criteria. They're easy to dress up with a pair of slacks and professional heels, but casual enough to wear with a plain t-shirt and boyfriend jeans. I've picked out one of my favorites floating around the blogger-sphere and styled it for professional use and casual use. Am I the greatest or what?

Target Charming Charlie Forever21

The top options is super simple, perfect for a conservative office while still maintaining a sense of style and individuality. Take that same jacket and throw it over a solid maxi dress for an evening dinner and it's the perfect way to cover up once the chill sets in. The navy is a great base for showing off other colors and can be worn with silver OR gold jewelry. I think I see a few more navy pieces taking a hold in my wardrobe this summer.


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