Thursday, April 24, 2014

BEAUTY: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear "Lacey Lilac" Review

If you've ever visited my little corner of the internet before, you will know that I don't just use any kind of nail polish. In fact, the mere existence of this polish in my collection is something of a small miracle. This is literally the only non OPI or Essie polish I own. I'm not kidding.  And I don't say this to be snobbish. I very well could be missing out of many a nail polish color and formula by being so exclusive. However, my mom always only bought OPI polish while I was growing up, and I would rather spend $9 on a bottle I know I will use and love instead of $3 on something that might turn out terrible.

So now that that little rant is over, let's get to the heart of this post. In a package from a friend I received this nail polish along with a few other trinkets and baubles. Now you can imagine my contempt at opening this. "Oh I'll never use this, it's a Sally Hansen polish".

Or at least that is what I thought.

For months I have been on the hunt for the perfect lilac color. Something not too grey or dull, but also not too dark or vibrant. A happy middle ground. Somehow, Sally got this one right. This color is exactly what I was hoping for, and I wasn't as displeased with the formula as I thought I would be.
(In sunlight)
(In shade)

The application is a bit thick, but not in a clumpy sort of way. Just in a thick cream type of texture. There is minimal streaking, and any of that will be easily fixed with a second coat. 

As for longevity, I can say that I have worn it twice with two different results. The first time I went AT LEAST three days without a single chip. No exaggeration. However, the second wear proved much less hardy and I had a minor chip on the second day. That stayed consistently small though and no other chips appeared until the third day. 

So what can I say? Maybe I was wrong to write off all other brands of nail polish. While I will continue to use this color in the future, I am still not quite swayed enough to spend my own money on them. I'll stick to my tried and true.

But if there are any company's out there willing to send over a sample or two, I'm not going to turn you down ;)

xoxo, Katie


  1. This colour is beautiful, perfect for Spring! :) x

  2. Wow that looks like the perfect shade for spring, so lovely!

  3. Love this colour! May have to go out and buy it xo