Saturday, April 12, 2014

OOTD: Transition to Spring x2!

Just like Marionberry has said before, there really are a few phrases that bloggers need to ban from their vocabulary. "Transition to spring" may be one of them, but I'll make it a point in my future posts not to use it :p

Does it get any easier than overalls? They combine the easy of a dress without the hassle of worrying about crossing your legs or your skirt flying up! They're more versatile than a romper since overalls can be combined with different shirts underneath, and don't even get me started on the possible shoe and jewelry combinations.

Can you tell I'm a fan of overalls coming back?

I can remember a pair of hot pink Rugrats overalls I had in first grade, and there may or may not be a home video stashed away somewhere of me doing a "ballerina routine" in the living room with those on...I digress.

I paired these with a crop top for an unexpected twist, and it helps to get some of that breeze in there! It's been beautifully warm the last couple of day (at least when the sun decides to come out) and I'm taking every chance I can get to feel the sun on my skin. I didn't quite soak up enough of it in California. For when the sun ISN'T shining, however, I threw on my white leather jacket from Forever21. I didn't get the chance to get any pictures with it, but trust me when I say it looks pretty darn cool.

Speaking of California, we have a little surprise in store with this post today! Out on the West Coast, the lovely Joyce of "Joyful Outfits"(yup, the same Joyce who designed my layout!) has so splendid come up with another way to move away from the chill, but in a different climate. Her bay area expertise might come in handy some day if I ever finally move my butt out there. Take a peek over at her blog for a little bit of inspiration as well. Maybe you'll find a clever way to combine the two!


  1. Both outfits are so nice! Where is your necklace from? xo

  2. Love your outfit. I can't decide if I'm going to hop on the overalls trend although I loved them back in the day :)