Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hairy Wishes

(Gross title, I know, but I couldn't think of anything clever!)

There are all kinds of combinations I'd love to do with these options. White blonde is the first, since I'd love to wear it long OR as a pixie cut. Plus, then I'd be able to dip dye it lavender like on the far left! But if I was avoiding the dye (since I'm currently a hair dying virgin) I'd love to grow my hair as long as the girl on the far right. Mermaid hair would be a dream! And with those bold bangs, *swoon*. Gorgeous. 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I want to chop it all off! Pixie cuts are so bold and sexy and daring! I was so in love with Emma Watson when she took the plunge, and after Miley Cyrus cut her's off (though it took some getting used to), I've decided I totally love her attitude about not caring what anyone else thinks. With short hair you have nothing to hide behind, and can completely flaunt your style, face shape, and makeup. 

There are many a thing I would love to be able to do to my hair. Unfortunately, because of it's extreme curl and fairly dark color, I feel slightly limited, but a girl can dream right? 


  1. My hair is curly too, but it's not really dark (it's something like dark blonde/light brown) and I know what do you feel! But I think you still can do everything you want with it: you just need more time(good hairdresser is a key to success)!
    And I think lavender hair is perfect <3

    1. I agree, a great hairdresser is definitely the key! I need to really invest my time to find the perfect one before I do any of this.