Thursday, February 28, 2013

Help Me Style...

Creepers aren't something you can be wishy-washy on; they're a love/hate item for almost everyone, and I fell into the latter category for quite a long time. I had a change of heart in the last month or so, though, and now they're all I can think about! They made an appearance in Lust List #3, and if I don't get a pair soon they will make another appearance in Lust List #4.

I'm just in love. I decided to go with a solid quality brand, TUK, as I've heard so many great things from people who have these specific ones. I also chose the lower platform (1.25") since I'm already so tall. I didn't feel the need to add almost 2" more to my height.

This is where you all come in, though. I have a plan in the works that I'll be letting loose on soon that will help fund them, but what I really need your help with is choosing which pair to buy: suede or leather. Please leave me a comment with what you think (and why!). Also, let me know how you style them if you have any pair, or how you would style them if you did own a pair, and hopefully I'll have them soon to show you how I've styled them!


  1. suede! i think they look better over time and i personally prefer the more matte finish (i'm selling mine if you're a 7 btw!)

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

    1. Is that a UK size 7?? I'm usually a size 9 in US sizing. How much?:)