Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Savings Sunday

I am a huge fan of looking at hauls. It's kind of like window shopping without ever having to get out of bed and look decent. Something that really irritates me when I watch videos or read posts of things people have bought, however, is what they classify as a "deal". Of course sometimes they really did find something for a total steal, and I can't help squeal along with them as they show it off. But what I'm finding is that often times these people will show a scarf and go on and on about how it was such a good deal, and when they actually tell us, I'm blown away! $45 for a cotton circle scarf? No thank you!

So I'm here to hopefully bring a little reprieve to those of us who don't have the funds to classify $45 for a scarf as a 'bargain'. Hopefully I can make this a scheduled Sunday post, but I just couldn't resist posting this today! I'll compile items here for you that are all under $15. They might be regular price, sale, or clearance, and I'll let you know if they are so you'll know to snatch them up ASAP if necessary.

Left to Right: $11.87, $10.17, $10.17, $13.56

All four of these tops are from ASOS and I am in love. I'm quite obsessed with the crop tops, and I'll probably end up looking straight out of the 90s but I don't even care! They're all available in different colors too.

Left to Right: $12.80, $3.80 (earrings), $6.80 (bracelet), $4.80 (rings), $8.80, $10.80

Generally I don't like to shop at Forever21 unless its for fad pieces that I won't be wearing in a few months. The quality is usually just lacking and I know lots of other girls will have it too. I do really like to shop there for jewelry, however. It's always cheap, and if you catch a sale you can walk out with a 4 or 5 pieces for less than $10. So I just picked a few of my favorites, but almost all of their pieces are under $15.


  1. Thankyou! all the time i hear beauty Gurus say 'oh what a bargin only £40' and i'm like yeah a bargin for me is a tenner... so appriciative :) Immy xoxo

    1. That's exactly what I'm talking about! I'm glad someone else understands!