Sunday, March 10, 2013

Review: L'oreal Colour Riche Caresse Stick

If lip products aren't you're thing, I'm apologizing for all the lip product related posts lately, but they've become my obsession! I can't get enough of them! All the colors, types, finishes, brands...there are just so many things to try! And recently I decided to try to L'oreal's new Colour Riche Caresse Stick.

Top Swatch: 1 swipe
Bottom Swatch: 4 swipes

I'm definitely going to be going back and getting more colors. I'm in love. Most of my lipsticks are very opaque and 'full coverage', and I had found myself wishing I had something more sheer and subtle. These filled that ticket perfectly. The first color in my swatches is the 176 "Sunset Angora". Its a really beautiful coral orange color, but not super bright or obvious like a lipstick or stain would be. It's just a pretty color to glide on when you're going for a simpler looker.
The second color is 170 "Cotton Pink" and I haven't worn it much, but it really reminds me of my "Snob" lipstick by MAC, but much more sheer. It's going to be great to wear over top of that because Snob is more of a satin/matte finish, and this has a subtle sheen.

The very best part of these is their mouiturizing factor. It's just like wearing a soft feel chapstick. I don't have to worry about these colors sticking to any dry parts of my lips or peeling or anything gross like that. They could be called a tinted lip balm, but they're a little more pigmented than that. The stay power isn't anything special, and I'd definitely advise carrying it around to reapply.

The packaging gets a solid 8/10. It looks pretty high end because of the super shiny gold packaging and the shape, but they do feel quite plasticy. It is a drugstore product, though, so that's not a huge deal. Also, the stick doesn't turn down all the way so until I use them down a bit I'm going to worry about nicking the edge of the cap on the product (like I've already done on Cotton Pink). As a whole, though, this packaging really impressed me compared to most other drugstore lip products, which I would normally score around a 4 or 5. 

Overall score: 9/10, would definitely repurchase


  1. lovely shades:}X
    perfect for spring/summer

    1. That was my thought too! Thanks for your comment :)

  2. Love your blog, followed! I love the colours and the packaging!