Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter Meester!

However you celebrate, Easter is a fantastic time to let out my inner New Englander! I just love the structured dressed, the pleats, the color, the high's all so classy. Here in the Midwest there are few opportunities to wear such dresses (barn parties don't exactly lend themselves to heels and a dry clean only dress), so I had to jump on the chance as soon as I found it! Definitely my new obsession for spring. I've been eyeing up some Lilly Pulitzer dresses, despite my lack of funds...

Hot Pink Bow Dress- Lauren Conrad for Kohl's
Purple Suede Heels- Vince Camuto, thrifted
Chain Necklace- Forever21
Leopard Cardigan- Apt9, Kohl's

Originally I planned to wear my navy blazer with this dress, but it's a boyfriend style and once I got home to try it on I realized it's too long for this dress :( A leopard cardigan fit quite nicely over it, however, and added a bit of print! This outfit isn't my usual style, but spring is all about freshness and warmth, and a new girly wave in my wardrobe seemed to just ease it's way in without me even noticing! Don't worry, my usual quirky style isn't buried too deep.


  1. I love that dress! It suits you sooo much! xxx

    1. Thank you! I really do love the shape :)

  2. You are gorgeous and the dress was beautiful!
    Beautiful Blog!
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