Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mary Kay Nourishine Plus Lipgloss and Lipstick

Last Monday, my friend Becky and I attended a Mary Kay event that someone we knew was part of. Before you get suspicious and think I'm going to turn into a lady driving a pink Cadillac and wearing all Mary Kay, have no fear. That's not in danger of happening, but we did think we'd go just to check it out. Plus, we got a free lip gloss just for going! 

Please ignore the weird fluff of hair sticking out from the side haha

 Who doesn't love a chocolate fountain!?

In addition to the free lip gloss AND chocolate fountain, I won an attendance prize! I didn't know what I'd be getting since I had to just randomly pick, and what I got was this lipstick next to the gloss. I was so pumped about actually winning something, but when I opened it up, my excitement level dropped a bit. Everyone loves free stuff, but the second I saw the color, I was immediately put off. It's slightly darker than what is reflected in the picture of the tube, and there are little gold glitters that give almost a metallic effect. Immediately, a giant sign in my head started flashing "GRANDMA GRANDMA GRANDMA". 

You all know what I'm talking about: the ladies with the dyed red or blue-purple-grey hair that always have on a weird shade of orange-red metallic lipstick. Nevertheless, I forged ahead and tried it a couple days later to be pleasantly surprised. My first thought was that the formula was fantastic. Silky without feeling slippery, and solid without feeling cakey. The real test was looking in the mirror, however. 

While I can't say I love it like I love the lip gloss (which I'll get to in a minute), I definitely don't hate it. The color is a bit more...mature than I'm used to, but it didn't go on metallic like in the tube, and you couldn't even see the glitters. Overall, it's something I'll have to challenge myself to wear, but that's probably a good thing to push myself out of my comfort zone.

The next attendance gift wast this lip gloss and holy sweet mother of Jesus, I am re-in-love with lip gloss. You know that 6th grade feeling when you really start to get into lip gloss and you carry it everywhere and reapply like 10x a day? That's what I want to do with this. The formula is soft and smooth, but that's not even the best part; IT'S NOT STICKY AT ALL. Not even a little bit. It's vibrant, shiny, and though I didn't wear it for long before I got home, it didn't seem to move around or smudge off too much. I'm super excited to try and get the pink version Becky was given.

Overall, I was very happy to find that it wasn't all makeup for the ladies about 40 years older than myself, and I'd try more of their lip products in a second! Have any of you tried any, despite the stereotype? Let me know!

Disclaimer: This post wasn't sponsored by Mary Kay at all. I really did just go to an event and happen to walk away with two products as a happy coincidence.

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