Monday, March 4, 2013

Let Me Just Tell Ya...

Ever since I started blogging, I've struggled with finding "the space". If you read blogs or watch videos,  you know what I'm talking about. It's the space where the writer or video-er (?) sets up their blog posts, their products, or films. Usually it's a bright, fresh, light colored space. It sometimes has lights or little decorations, and when filming there is usually a candle flickering behind them. 

This is what I'm missing.

I'm not whining or complaining, because I love where I live (even if it's with my mom still and I'm anxious to move out in the fall), but this is getting in my way. I feel like if I just had the right kind of space, everything would take off from there. I could take more outfit photos (which I looked back on the other day and realized I haven't done an outfit post since mid-January..yikes!). I'd feel more confident about taking photos for reviews. I'd be able to film videos whenever I wanted because that space would be THERE.

So my goal for the fall when I transfer schools is to make my dorm room a "blog friendly" space. I'll keep it tidy, bright, and classic: a perfect backdrop. 

Photo credit: Pinterest
Photo Credit: Pinterest
Photo Credit: Pinterest
Photo Credit: Pinterest
Photo Credit: Beauty Crush
Sammi from BeautyCrush has the most lust worthy space ever. Even though it's just her bedroom, it always looks so chic. White, clean, simple, but still relatable. Somehow she just makes it work! *jealous*

I know everyone has that ONE THING that they feel if they had it, everything would be easier. Sometimes it's a camera, a space, or a friend to help set things up. What's your one thing you feel like you need to start off by saying 'let me just tell ya' and it brings out your inner sassy-pants?

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