Saturday, July 26, 2014

OOTD: Do I really need a title?

Long time, no blog, yeah? It's mostly due to a general lack of inspiration and crappy weather. Occasionally it stops raining and I can run outside, however this outfit isn't my favorite, and actually spurred me to get myself back on track with food/working out.  I'm always surprised by how I look in pictures compared to what I think I look like. Sometimes it's good, sometimes...not so much.

Dress- Timo Weiland
Jacket: Forever 21

If anyone cares about my life outside of the clothes I wear, it's been getting harder and harder to find structure in my life as the summer progresses. My job is frustratingly wonderful, because while I actually love the career I'm going in to, my team continues to give me next to no responsibilities. It's mostly because a new assistant merchant started at the exact same time as me, and they've been giving her pretty much any job that would be appropriate for an intern. It doesn't help that my desk is no where near my team, so I pretty much have no way of knowing what's going in unless they go out of their way to clue me in...

But enough complaining. I've been learning a lot and I wouldn't go back and change anything. The last 7 weeks have solidified in my mind that I really do want to go into this field, which is valuable in itself. I have no reason to complain (especially since I'm getting paid).

In the style of Elana from Room334, I'll tell you what I've been watching lately (although I promise it's much less cultured). Sex and the City was completely under my radar until earlier this summer. Of course I'd heard of it, but never actually sat down to watch it. Boy, have I been missing out. It is the perfect guilty pleasure chick-flick style show that I love to indulge in occasionally. Have you been watching anything great recently, old or new?
xoxo, Katie

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