Sunday, July 6, 2014

LIFE: bloom where you are planted

For some reason or another, these types of posts don't usually do very well on this blog, but I felt this was a pretty important topic that I needed to get out.
After having moved a couple of times (twice for school, and now my internship), I've realized the true importance of a quote like this. Too often people will make themselves unhappy because a situation is less than ideal or just not what they expected. Maybe the job you wanted is in a crappy part of the country, or the place you want to live doesn't have the right job for you. Maybe you were planning to get a job much higher up, and instead you're stuck at the bottom. Life will throw all sorts of curve balls we don't plan on, but the best thing to do is react them to and move forward.
Blooming where you are planted is all about making the best out of every kind of situation, because something can be learned from anything. Right now I'm living in my roommate's apartment that smells like cat litter and has dust bunnies pilled to the ceiling. What good is it going to do me to just complain about it? Instead, I've learned that regular cleaning really does make a difference (and makes it easier in the long run) and that my mom wasn't crazy all those years when she had us do a weekend cleaning of the floors, bathrooms, and kitchen. Parents really do get smarter as we get older.
Nothing turns out how we think it will. Another great quote to go along with this one is "life is what happens when you're busy making plans". It's just so true. It seems that most of the time there is nothing we can do in the long run but try our best to work toward something and then roll with the punches. If you're working in a company, looking at the CEO thinking "I want to do THAT", but you're stuck doing data entry, don't cry about it- do something about it. Whining isn't going to accomplish anything, and doing the very best data entry you can and looking for ways to improve it will not only create more purpose in you (creating a happier person), but also earn the recognition of those hiring that CEO. Taking root in a spot, making it the absolute best possible, and excelling at whatever task is at hand
So next time you're lamenting a terrible position or situation, take a step back and look at it for what it could be worth. More often than not, there is something to be taken from it, and think about a literal flower. Flowers that grow even in the most dried up undernourished dirt are absolutely amazing. Even more amazing than those planted in the store bought ultra-grow fancy soil. Be that flower. Be the flower that creates something out of nothing, that shocks everyone and truly flourishes in the environment that you are placed. There's nothing to lose except for the negative attitude holding most of us back.

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