Monday, December 2, 2013

25 Days of Outfits: Day 1

Top- Express 
Vest- The Limited 
Boots- Payless 
Necklace- Thrifted

Somehow I've already managed to mess up this "25 Days of Outfits" thing, haha. Classic. Essentially for every day up until Christmas I am going to post my outfit, regardless of what it is. Every day class outfits? Oh yes. Dolled up Christmas party dresses? You betcha! Sweaty workout clothes? Yup, you're gonna see them. 

This serves 3 purposes really-
1. It challenges me to blog every day
2. It keeps me creative since I won't want to show the same items over and over
3. It's just plain fun to say "25 Days of Outfits"! 
(Like the 25 Days of Christmas...get it? Oh boy, I'm so clever)

So feel free to take this idea and run with it if you'd like to do it on your blog. I know it's the 2nd of December, but I think I'll probably post twice today to keep things on track. This was my outfit from yesterday to have a simple lunch at my grandma's before taking the 3 hour drive back to school for the last two weeks of the semester. Whoo! I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving- I know I did, because in addition to it being Thanksgiving, I celebrated my 21st birthday on the 25th! I'm *shudders*

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  1. well shoot, this is a fun idea that I totally missed the boat on! To be fair, there's no way I would have posted everyday/taken outfit photos everyday. Unless I somehow trick one of my co-workers into taking pics for me, I completely miss my window of daylight during the day! This is a great way to encourage yourself to blog though! Nice work!

    perfectly priya