Monday, November 18, 2013

Express Yourself

Because I am sure absolutely no one at the Express marketing department has every come up with this tagline, I thought I would offer up my services (I'm still looking for a job, and there are more gems where this came from, Express people).

Over the weekend, I happened to find myself in the money hole that is Express. Literally, I could spend $500 without blinking in that place. Something about the sophisticated lines and textures that still take trends and current fashions into account just draw me in like a moth to a flame and I'm done for. Particularly during the holiday season, Express pulls me in with their sequined dresses and metallic skirts just begging to be worn to a Christmas cocktail party (if only I knew people who threw Christmas cocktail parties). 

These 6 items were at the top of my "I wish I had money for this list" while I window-shopped, so I thought I'd spread the love in case anyone is looking for present ideas for loved ones or needs some inspiration for their own holiday wishlist.


  1. Loving everything sequin/sparkle at the moment its perfect for Christmas time x
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  2. One of my co-workers is in love with Express and now I can see why! I'm loving the skirts and the jacket. Perfect fall picks for the chillier weather.

    Hopefully you pick up a piece or two for yourself. ;)

  3. nice pieces. Love the skirts :)

  4. Great Stuff! Love the hate running shirt :)
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  5. oo I do love the fur lined parka!
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  6. following you back now via GFC, we don't use Bloglovin :)


  7. Nice stuff!
    Lovely blog!
    Following u hun<3

  8. I love the 'I hate running' top, even though I love running.

    Corinne x