Friday, November 8, 2013

Shop the Nordy Sale...College Student Style!

I officially have a serious problem. As the summer has snuck further and further away and we've inched closer to the end of the semester, my bank account has been dwindling down to bits of change the last few weeks. It's a sad (but honest) reality for most college students that the days of spending are summer, the beginning of the fall semester, and just after Christmas break (where we can all go back and earn a quick buck at home). What is most sad of all, however, is that Nordstrom's Half Yearly Sale falls no where near any of those marks! *boo-hiss*

But never fear! I'm here to guide you to a few of my favorite items from the sale that are all *drumroll* LESS THAN $25! Yes-you read correctly! You could purchase one of these items with the money you made from just one session of selling your plasma to a blood bank.

Disclaimer- I would not recommend selling plasma unless you are a poor college student (and even then it is a questionable decision).

stone earrings | cheetah scarf | pattern tuxedo pants | track pants | stripe turtleneck | sweatshirt | leather pocket shirt | pj leggings | slim-fit sweatpants

For the price range that we're in, it's unreasonable to expect to see a Marc Jacobs bag floating around. However, this price range is spectacular for basics, lounge clothes, or accessories - perfect! My 21st birthday is coming up in less than a month (November 25th!), and I'm crossing my fingers that someone reads this and snags a couple of these before they're gone *hint hint friends and fam* ;)

Happy Nordy shopping!


  1. love the skirts, they look amazing :)