Monday, November 11, 2013

ModCloth "Uniquely You" Styling Competition!

Too Soon?

Last week I recieved an email from ModCloth's leading stylist, Amy Hirt, asking if I would be interested in being part of a weekly styling competition, where the winner will be displayed on ModCloth's Polyvore page and linked back to the winner's blog. 

Does every blogger own the Zara skort? Is caffeine essential to life?

So here's how it works- every week I'll get an email with a special item from ModCloth's private label 
collection to style using up to 7 other items on ModCloth's website. This week featured the "Call of the Styled" coat (you can find it here!) and I ran with the first theme that popped into my head: the holidays. I'm easily excited by lights and shiny paper, so naturally the holiday season gets me a little bit riled up. Who doesn't love cut-out cookies, family, and presents?! If the holiday spirit hasn't quite hit you yet, however, a simple solid or heathered sweater would easily work with this outfit as well (if you want to be a Grinch that is...).

All of these items can be found on, but since I'm feeling generous, I'll link them for you
Call of the Styled Coat
Snuggly Snowflakes Sweatshirt
On a Roller Derby Jeans
Footwork and Play Flat
Melie Bianco Full Course Load Bag
An Ornate Fate Necklace

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