Thursday, November 15, 2012

"This or That" Challenge Days 7-15

Here's the second installment! It was slightly exhausting having to create a collage for each day, and since this is another bulk day I will only be making a collage for the days/choices that I really enjoy or feel are relevant. But once I get all of this backlog out of the way I'll make a collage for each day again :) Here we go! (PS- Make sure to click on my eBay button on the side! I have tons of items for sale and I'll be putting more up soon! I'm saving up to afford a new and better camera :) )

7-Midi or Maxi?
I honestly wouldn't know how to wear a midi skirt/dress (if I even know what they are for sure?). I've always adored the retro 1950's style skirts I see all the girls wearing in era movies, but in practicality I just wouldn't know how to pull it off without it looking like a costume. Having said that, I'm mostly too tall for most average length maxi-items so this was kind of a lame 'this or that' for me :(

8-Dots or Stripes?


Dorothy Perkins | MadeWell | Topshop | JCrew | Yumi

As a general rule I tend to lean towards polka dots just because I don't have to stress out about if they are making me look larger than I actually am, haha.

9-Black or Color?
Anyone who knows me also knows my love for neutrals. I generally construct my outfits with all neutral pieces and then add a splash of color in an accessory or pair of shoes. I've even looked at my closest before and thought "wow...this is boring" haha but black is a staple in my wardrobe and I wouldn't give it up for anything.

10-Hippie or Punk?
Romwe | Jeffrey Campbell | Topshop | Sheinside | Fashion Union | D&G

Though I think my style usually leans more in the girly direction, I know that I couldn't live with free flowing fabrics and peace signs forever. I definitely have a love affair with metals and black, both of which seem like big no-no's for a hippie style, and with studs and leather being so popular right now, I couldn't pass that up! Plus, I am forever fighting the urge to chop all my hair off in a choppy pixie cut, and that is definitely not a hippie vibe!

11-Hair up or hair down?
Hair up
It's not that I don't love to wear my hair down, because I do, but it is such a hassle to tame that most of the time I end up throwing it into a ballerina bun or a messy bun with a scarf around it. It's so curly and wild if I don't gel it (and still is even when I do), and if I happen to have the energy to straighten it then that is a whole different mess.

12-Day or night?
While I love staying up late and having all kinds of misadventures at night, I have a natural alarm clock that usually wakes me up around 8am. This usually keeps me from staying up too late unless I make an effort to stay up for an event or party.

13- H&M or F21?
This is tough...a year ago I would have said F21 hands down, but as of late I have not been very impressed with anything they've put in stores. It never seems to fit right or the designs just aren't my cup of tea. It still is a great place for cheap shoes and jewelry though. So I guess I'll have to say H&M for clothes (right now) and F21 for shoes, jewelry, and other accessories.

14-Minimalist or Over the Top?
This was a no-brainer. While I love to make statement with a singular article of clothing or pair of shoes, I usually don't accessorize too extravagantly. I would rather wear a great fitting black dress and a killer pair of red heels than a fluffy hot pink dress with neon blue shoes and load myself up with jewelry. It's just not my thing.

15-Big purse or small purse?
Big Purse
YSL | Michael Kors | Marc Jacobs | Jack Wills | Proenza

Except for when I'm carrying my things around school, I really don't have that much that I carry around with me on a regular basis. Sometimes I don't even carry a purse! It's usually just my little Vera Bradley wallet/wristlet that I can slip my phone into as well and just let hang on my wrist. However, if I'm going to match an outfit with a purse I would rather have a medium to large sized bag instead of a teeny-tiny one.


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