Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"This or That" Challenge Days 1-6

Alright so here's the deal! I now have a reason to blog every. single. day.

After reading through almost all of Amber's blog of Amberlee Tea (which is fantastic, by the way. Definitely give it a look!), I found a list of all these challenges she has listed for bloggers. And while I know it's already the 13th of the month, I've decided to go for the "This or That" challenge. Basically I chose which of the two options I prefer, and there is one for each day of the month. From there it is up to me what to do with it and I've decided I'll find items to match, put together an outfit to go with the day, or something else along those lines. I'll include the entire list at the end of this post, but I'll go ahead and start!

Day 1: Solid brights or bold prints?
Bold prints

Sweater: newlook.com | Leggings: Yesstyle.com | Backpack: Asos| Hat: Topshop | Socks: newlook.com

A print that I'm loving currently is the aztec and nordic print, especially in the winter varieties. I can't wait to get my hands on a pair of these leggings. or a sweater. or that backpack...

Day 2: Heels or flats?

YSL | Tory Burch | Aldo | Topshop | New Balance

While I adore heels, and own more than my fair share, I am quite tall and do not enjoy being 6' 2" when I slip on a pair of heels for every day wear. Therefor I did chose flats, only because I wear them most often. These are a few I'm lusting after currently.

I've also decided to be quite daring and include a pair of New Balance sneakers on this list. It's a very strange trend I'm seeing. Full blog post on that later...

Day 3: Tribal or floral?

Haute Hippie | Rare | Diba Lake | Jeffrey Campbell | debamhams.com

I guess I kind of chose tribal prints in my "bold print" section...oops! But between these two options, I definitely have to go for floral. So girly and feminine. It never fails to make me feel dolled up when I wear a floral print.

Day 4: Colored or printed bottoms?

Topshop | Mango | Oasis | Lipsy | Romwe

As a general rule I shy away from anything other than solids and neutrals on the bottom. I'm forever trying to keep my hips from looking too rounded. Having said that I do own a couple of printed skirts and one pair of American flag printed shorts so I guess I'll have to go with printed.

Day 5: Pastel or neon?

Aldo | Topshop | Charlotte Russe | Oasis | Acne

This goes along with my love for florals. Pastels just always give an air of class and feminism to an outfit, and I see neon go so wrong so often that I'm just not sold on it. Occasionally it's cute (I have a neon yellow track jacket) but beyond touches, I just am not a huge fan.

Day 6: Striped or Leopard?

JCrew | Topshop | Romwe | Eugina | Forte Forte

All summer I was obsessed with finding the perfect striped top, so this is a no brainer, haha. Last fall I almost bought a pair of leopard print wedges, and I own a leopard sweater, but I just find it hard to style without looking elderly or trashy.

So to try and keep things a little more organized I've split this into two posts, and I'm going to post the rest of the previous days tonight or tomorrow. 

Entire list:
1-Solid brights or bold prints?
2-Heels or flats?

3-Tribal or floral?

4-Colored or printed bottoms?

5-Pastel or neon?

6-Striped or Leopard?
7-Midi or Maxi?
8-Dots or Stripes?
9-Black or Color?
10-Hippie or Punk?
11-Hair up or hair down?
12-Day or night?
13- H&M or F21?
14-Minimalist or Over the Top?
15-Big purse or small purse?
16-Tights or legs?
17-Glasses or contacts?
18-Boots or booties?
19-Leather or denim?
20-Dress up or dress down?
21-Neat or messy?
22-Retro or futuristic?
23-Cool or warm?
24-Colorblocked or monochrome?
25-Arms or legs?
26-Curly or straight?
27-Girly or sporty?
28-Hat or scarf?
29-Homemade or store bought?
30-Cardigan or sweater?
31-Classic or trendy?

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  1. I loved ALL the shoes.. ALL!!! :*