Tuesday, September 23, 2014

STYLE: Tough Girl

Jacket- Forever21 (similar) | Tshirt- PINK | Jeans- Hollister (old) | Boots- Lands' End (similar) | Flannel- American Eagle (old)

Somehow, I seem to have landed in a time warp where everything is a complete whirlwind, I have no idea what is going on, and suddenly a month has gone by and it seems like all I did was blink.

Seriously, people, that has been my past month.

While this blog has been sitting lonely and vacant, collecting cobwebs and floating around in the internet, I have been (somehow) surviving my last first month of school. Ever. I actually have no control over my life at this point it feels like, and while so many wonderful things are happening, it is also happening frighteningly fast.

I've taken up a job as the Opinions Editor at my school's newspaper (which you'll be extremely familiar with if you read Elana's blog, Room-334), taken on the (nearly) impossible task of resurecting the dying fashion club on campus, continued to write for CollegeFashionista, and still maintain some semblence of a social life through Seth and my friends.

Can you see why I've gone a little crazy?

So please forgive me that I haven't spent time on my creative outlets, because I haven't even truly had time to breathe, let alone take outfit picture and write a blog post about it. However, now that things are settling into more of a routine, I think I can start to dust off my keyboard and slowly start relearning how to write a blog post.

Because clearly I'm just typing anything that comes into my head at this point in hopes that it at least appears that I know what I'm doing.
xoxo, Katie

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