Monday, September 29, 2014

LIFE: Happy National Coffee Day!

It is certainly no surprise that I am something of a coffee addict. I mean, college + fashion + journalism + blogging = most stereotypical coffee drinker ever. Naturally,  I've spent the entire day looking up coffee themed products, and here are some of the ones that have tested my self control to it's absolute limits. You can thank me later, bank account.

This is the perfect little print to educate those less knowledgable.

If I could have a case with my name + coffee + a pumpkin I would be the most basic white girl ever. And not even care.

Yup, no reason to not want this one.

This is the perfect sleep shirt or lazy day outfit tee. It even says so right on the shirt.

Equally as perfect.

Seth doesn't even like coffee, but he knows how much I do, so this would be perfect to hand to him on our anniversary.

Don't mind if I do. What's your favorite coffee drink? Or do you prefer tea?
Enjoy the day everyone, and drink a cup or two for me! 

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