Monday, February 17, 2014

OPI Christmas Haul Review

As some of you may already know, I have an nail polish. Of course it isn't just any nail polish. It's the insanely expensive but always beautiful OPI. The entire time I was growing up my mom never bough cheap nail polish and insisted on always using OPI, and I can't try to fight it now! If you're interested in seeing my entire collection (although it is about 6 months old now and it's changed a bit) I made a video here on my YouTube. Naturally then, I ask for new color for Christmas and these are the newest additions! I know Christmas was almost two months ago, but better late than never right?

(Left to Right)
Tickle My France-y, You Don't Know Jacques!, Malaga Wine, No Room for the Blues

I can't get enough of pale blush/nude colors, and after searching for over a year I think Tickle My France-y has finally filled the hole in my life (and collection). It's creamy, relatively easy to apply (minimal streaking), and lasts fairly well (2-4 days with minimal chipping) when applied with base and top coat.

You Don't Know Jacques! is more than an odd color. I wanted a brown in my collection on the off chance I needed one for an outfit, and this is an overall solid one. Not too dark, not too light, and with a hint of grey. I've only worn it once so far and nothing very exciting to report about it. It was mostly a basics purchase kinda like that extra white t-shirt.

Malaga Wine is a beautiful color for winter. A deep true creme burgundy that I love the color of against my pale skin. I use it mostly as a great pedicure color, as it's a little vampy for my personal manicure tastes. The formula is great, not streaky at all. It is similar to another polish I have (Vodka and Caviar) but has more of a purple-ish tone. Overall, I'd say that nail polish lovers will see the need for this, but a deep red for the casual user will suffice.

Lastly, No Room for the Blues brings a spring color into play. I am in love. It's a perfect spring/summer time light blue, and lasts quite a while without chipping. The formula goes on very smoothly, and I'm really just praying for the days it is warm enough to wear this without looking crazy. Although I must confess, I did throw it on a couple weeks ago for a mood brightener. Worked like a charm.

While basics aren't fun, they are necessary. I also received my favorite Seche Vite top coat and an OPI kit with base and top coat that came with two little glitters. Initially wary, it took me a while to try these, but I LOVED them. They're messy, so I would recommend applying them over a sink or bowl. Essentially I just applied a base coat and after 30 seconds or so dipped my finger into the glitter. Naturally I was covered, and it probably wasted a ton of glitter, but after two dips I was good to go. A top coat finished things off. Miraculously, it didn't take a jackhammer to remove. Two cotton pads of remover got 98% of it off and as far as glitter goes, I'm more than thrilled with that result.

I think I will do a review of Seche Vite vs OPI Top Coat because I have some very strong opinions about both of them, and I keep both in my arsenal for different purposes. Would that be of interest? Also, would swatches on those little plastic nails of the polish be helpful for the next color review? It didn't occur to me until just now that sometimes colors look quite different in the bottle. Let me know your thoughts of both of these questions in the comments! 

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