Wednesday, February 26, 2014

3 Trends I Hate...and How to Wear Them

Head Chains
If anyone is into a good statement piece it's me. I love a good oversized watch or giant chunky necklace. These just go too far for me. I feel like they're just too over the top, and I know for a fact I'd probably whip my head around too fast and it would smack me in the eye or fly off and smack someone ELSE in the eye. Recipe for disaster. There's a more subtle (and secure) way to wear jewelry on your head, and I really love the jeweled and beaded headbands. Most of the ones I found were for bridal, but who says you can't wear them every day?!

I'm starting this one off with a disclaimer- I actually like the wedge sneaker. I know, I know, so many people hate it, but I think it's the tacky ones that give everything else a bad rap. I found some pretty bad ones for this picture. One of the easy ways to avoid worrying about if you're wearing a good pair of not is to just avoid the wedge and go for the slip on! It's supposed to be huge this spring and summer (I'm all for it), and snagging a cheetah print or leather pair will keep you from looking like a 2002 Skater Boi a la Avril Lavigne.

Military Inspired

And last but not least, the creme de la creme of hated trends- camo. I'm not sure if it's because I live in the Midwest where camo has been around all my life (and in the worst possible ways) or if I just have a natural aversion, but I hated this from day one. Instead of opting for the hunter-chic look, find a pair of olive pants. This skinny pair has spring ready ankle zips AND slim cargo pockets. Need I say more?

What trends from this past season or coming seasons do you absolutely hate? Have you found any good alternatives? Share in the comments!

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