Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I'm Doing a 2-Week Spending Ban Challenge

Meet Katie:

Self proclaimed shopaholic. The Devil Wears Prada makes me swoon regardless of how many times I've watch it and Confessions of a Shopaholic spoke to me on more levels than I'm willing to admit out loud

That is why, a particularly spendy weekend (thanks a lot, Sephora), I’ve made the executive decision to place myself on a self-imposed spending detox. A shopping ban, if you will.

I’ve heard stories of people doing such reckless things before like spending an entire year without buying anything new (uhm, yeah, not happening), or even going 6 months (still not happening). I’m not trying to light myself on fire here. No, I’m definitely going to have to crawl before I try to run a marathon.

The rules are as outlined below: I must go two full weeks without buying anything except for gas (a 45 minute commute dictates this unfortunate expense).

The Rulebook:

  1.       Running Time: November 9th- November 23rd, 2015.
  2.       All food must be eaten from the existing pantry/fridge unless it is given to me
  3.       Absolutely no shopping of any kind (beauty, clothing, food, home, etc.)
  4.       Gas is the only acceptable expense.
  5.       I must record the pitfalls, woes, triumphs, and ultimate struggles of this experience as often as every day.
I’m expecting this to be difficult, mostly because the majority of my activities outside of work currently involve spending money. Given that I still haven’t found many friends in this new city, I spend most of my time alone, looking at websites filled with beautiful products or at the mall conveniently located about half a mile from my apartment.
This is a new opportunity to get creative with how I spend my time. I’ve been slacking on work outs as of late, and my work conveniently provides a free gym. There are a multitude of projects I’ve been ignoring inside my apartment including unpacking the last box of random “stuff” that really just needs to be put away. I even got a free Christmas tree this past weekend (thanks, Mom)! With so much I actually need to do, it’s a wonder I found time to even shop! (hahahahahahahahahaha)

At the end of this two week spending detox, I will allow myself to buy the turtlenecks I’ve been eyeing from Lands’ End (hi employee holiday discount) so that I can wear them for the holidays. PS- if you don’t know that turtlenecks are a thing again, look no further. I’ll be updating you on outfits once I have these bad boys in my hands.

This is truly going to be a test of my creativity and resourcefulness. There are tons of ways to get around spending money…I’m usually just too lazy to figure them out.

Let the fun begin.