Friday, November 13, 2015

Shopping Ban Update 11.13.15

It is officially day 4 of my shopping ban and I haven’t broken down. I’m feeling pretty good, if a little under caffeinated. The free hotel-quality coffee they have at work isn’t cutting it anymore, and if I didn’t already know I had a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card stashed away for tomorrow morning, I might’ve been seriously tempted to get a latte.

UPDATE: I wrote this last night. It is now Day 5, and sleeping terribly + needing to get gas = no time for Dunkin Donuts. I almost had a breakdown.

(Me, not enjoying the work coffee, but drinking it anyway)

So far this experiment has been less about money and more about preparedness (I made a terrible Girl Scout back in the day). It might seem stupid, but I know myself well enough to know that I’m not going to prepare a lunch the night before. Consequently, that means I’m making it in the morning now, which translates to waking up earlier. The free coffee at work continues to looking worse and worse.

Still, I’ve managed to eat something different at lunch every single day this week!

Day 1: Turkey sandwich, apple, cottage cheese
Day 2: Chili and crackers with ½ avocado
Day 3: Whole wheat wrap with turkey/avocado/salsa plus an apple
Day 4: Peanut butter and jam sandwich, ½ avocado, apple
Day 5: Crockpot chicken thighs + brown rice

The fact that I’ve actually remembered food every day this week is a small miracle. It also proves that maybe I’m not giving myself enough credit. I’m wondering if maybe my spending habits really are just out of laziness rather than lack of time…

I could also just be feeling philosophical from lack of espresso.

It has yet to show itself yet, but I’m also curious to find if I drop a few pounds at the end of these two weeks. I can’t hop down to the little café and grab a snack now, and I sure as hell don’t plan far enough to remember one. Combine that with the added exercise I’ve been doing, and we’ll maybe have a happy unexpected correlation. Starting a shopping ban at the same time as training for a 5k probably wasn’t my smartest choice, but we all have to live with our decisions, don’t we?

The weekend is approaching, and that normally means $$$. This is actually the first weekend since I’ve moved that I don’t have any plans, so it will be a true test of occupying my time considering I’ll also be alone. What are some of your suggestions for weekend fun that don’t include spending money?

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  1. well done not sure I could do it! I think I would end up caving in x