Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Sneakers or tennis shoes?

t-shirt: gap (old) | jeans: american apparel | shoes: new balance | necklace: thrifted

As soon as I saw Kim Kardashian had posted a photo in grey New Balance sneakers, I knew for a fact that I had to get mine on my blog ASAP (*insert Mean Girls quote here*). Is is still lame to like the Kardashians? Or can I have a pop culture indulgence without fear of ridicule? Either way, I'm still going to rave about how crazy gorgeous Khloe looked in her Complex Magazine shoot. Now I've officially gotten off topic...

Regardless of your opinion on the Kardashians, you have to have a position on sneakers as fashion wear by this point. They've been in the spotlight for how long now? I bought New Balances about 2 months ago (against the will of multiple friends and my boyfriend) and I can still confidently say that I have zero buyer's regret. I'm a touch late jumping on the bandwagon, but hey, I rocked my Converse for as long as possible before they just wouldn't cut it anymore.

So what do you call the athletic footwear that lace up: sneakers or tennis shoes? Or are you a serious rebel from outside the States and call them trainers? I've realized I call shoes that I work out in "tennis shoes" and fashion shoes "sneakers". Just one more fashion vocabulary word my boyfriend needs to add to his arsenal!
xoxo, Katie

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