Friday, July 24, 2015

Casual Coffee Catchup OOTD

Two of my favorite things in the world: coffee shops and casual dressing. When traveling to a new town, I make it an immediate point to Google the coffee shops, assess their various merits, and then make a stop as soon as there is time. As I'm tying this very post I am sitting in a coffee shop in a Wisconsin town of less than 5000 people. And I must say, this espresso chai latte has crept into my top five favorite drinks. How have I gone this long without the perfect combination of tea and espresso?? More to come on that particular coffee shop later.

The shop in these photos is one my friends and I frequent more than we'd care to admit. The quirky staff, inexpensive bakery goods, and general friendliness make it the perfect stop during a hectic day.

dress: tjmaxx | jacket: gap | purse/wallet: kate spade | shoes: birkenstocks 
This striped dress was a recent score from TJMaxx and I can't stop wearing it. I bought it thinking that it would hit more at a midi length, but my height has stolen yet another envisioned outfit. Even still, it's the perfect dress to throw on with a jacket or plaid shirt when I need to look put together, casual, and still feel comfortable (a difficult bill to fit at times).

Additionally, I have hardly taken off these Birkenstocks since I bought them in May. I somewhat regret not getting the classic two-strap Arizona style, but it hasn't stopped me from pairing them with everything from jeans to dresses. 

Is there anything you've been glued to this summer? Any buyer's remorse purchases?

PS- If you were a follower of this blog before and are curious about what's been going down, head on over to my Facebook page. There is a lot more info about where I've been and what to expect coming up. If you're new, welcome! I'm glad you're here and I can't wait to be friends :)

xoxo, Katie

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