Saturday, June 21, 2014

OOTD: Sophisticated Graphics

Tank- Nordstrom
Pants- H&M
Vest- Bill Blass
Heels- H&M

So this summer, CollegeFashionista assigned me to style MYSELF for my posts each week. I thought, "this is great! It's going to be a piece of cake considering I do that already!" Wrong. So wrong. Taking pictures by myself with my tripod is much more difficult than I anticipated. The focus is almost always off, the lighting is hard to set, and running back and forth to check the angles and set the timer just get annoying after two shots. I really should invest in a camera remote. Any suggestions?

On another note, this outfit was inspired by Burberry's s/s 2014 runway shows where they paired graphic t-shirts with dress pants. Fancy, huh? Well considering I really own very few graphic t-shirts (I had to dig through my closet to even find this one), I threw on a denim vest to dress it down even more. So what's the verdict- are we feeling it? I'm a fan, I think. I'm probably going to at least actually buy a shirt that doesn't look like it was attacked by wolverine after this.

xo, Katie


  1. I'm loving how eclectic but put together this looks!


  2. I think this looks great, and the shoes set it off. I love your blog and the desgin is really pretty have just followed on bloglovin, cant wait for more post

    Gaby x