Tuesday, June 17, 2014

OOTD: I'm Back...To The Basics

So I probably don't have to tell anyone that it's been more than a MONTH since my last post. What in the actual heck? More than anything, I hate those little catch up blog posts about why people have been gone, and blah blah blah- or actually, I just hate writing them. You'd think that might be an incentive to not go prolonged periods without blogging. Apparently it isn't. Either way, I'm not going to bore you with an entire post of that, and I'll keep it short and sweet with a little list:

1. Finished my junior year of college
2. Moved back home
3. Moved AGAIN three weeks later
4. Started my internship at Lands' End

Condensing it all to 4 short bullet points makes it seem much less hectic, but I swear I haven't just been lazy. In addition to starting a 40 hours a week internship, I've also been taking an online class AND continuing my CollegeFashionista internship. Whew! This outfit below is actually just left over shots from my bio on their site, but I liked them much better than the ones I ended up choosing. Some of their guidelines for our photos are pretty rigid, so I can't get too wild. *aka- be goofy or stupid (which is basically my life 27/7)*

Tank- H&M
Jeans- Old Navy
Flats- J.Crew
Backpack- Thrifted
Jewelry- Old

Speaking of CollegeFashionista, they were so incredibly kind to hook me up with The Huffington Post, and this past Wednesday I had a style article published with them- say whaaat?! You can read it here if you want to make me feel famous :)

So bear with me as I transition back into writing for myself. When you do it for a job, it's a little more difficult to use it as a release, but I'm realizing that just rambling is theraputic, and no one is paying me to do that any time soon so I better make it fun. Hopefully you all can expect posts with a little more regularity now that I'm settling into my apartment and job- I don't want to lose my internet blogging street cred, ya know.
xoxo, Katie


  1. I really like this simple outfit and your smile is the best accessory!
    Bonjourchiara Facebook Page

  2. welcome back


  3. Hi. I miss you and your blog. Mostly just you though. I kind of hate how awesome you look in just a simple tank and jeans, but you do. I'm going to text you right now because I miss seeing you all the time, but please don't stop blogging again.

    P.S. Do I still have a set of outfit pictures on my camera for you? I can't remember if I ever sent you all of them. I need to check what's on Flickr. Okay, bye.

  4. Wow!! That is such amazing news!! Congrats on your big publication! The Huffington Post?? Wow, just wow. That's something to hang on the refrigerator for sure!

    Your outfit is lovely too! That simple black tank is perfect!!

  5. I love your leopard flats


  6. lovely look.
    congrats on the internship


  7. Great look, what shade is the lipstick? It's really nice. xo