Tuesday, May 6, 2014

OOTD: Oh you fancy, huh

Top- Joie (via Wasteland)
Cardigan- Elana of Room334
Leggings- American Apparel
Ring/Necklace- Forever21
Sandals- BCBG

This blog post actually marks the appearance of TWO "new" products on the blog. Both the shoes and this top were purchased in L.A. during my spring break trip, and I just love them to pieces. The silk top makes me feel way fancier than I actually am (which is always a plus during finals week), and the sandals are perfect combination of sweet and practical for the summer. The only downside to the top is that silk wrinkles. Badly. And I also can't spill anything on it for fear of ruining it. So this might not have been the most practical purchase, but common! Just look at it! I'd have been a fool not to snag this baby. Especially since it was only 

Also, this cardigan was borrowed from my blogging bestie (she's going to kill me for writing that) Elana. I've mentioned her before, but it's quite fun to have someone around who always understands your desire to obnoxiously take picture of things for instagram. Since our styles are pretty different, this is the first time we've swapped items this whole year, but I've fallen in love with this cardigan. There is just something about speckled grey sweaters that scream "cozy".

Elana is always making this cardigan look fantastic. She's basically the cardigan queen, so if you're into those (or even if you're not, because I adore her style and own maybe 3 cardigans max) make sure to check her out!
xoxo, Katie


  1. I promise I don't hate you. We are totally besties ;) ...even if you make me sit through conversations about which Sex and the City characters we would be. I wish I had two of these cardigans so I could give you one because it looks great on you.

  2. I'm visiting from Room 334 to check out the cardigan she insisted we check out. I'm glad she did because it's gorgeous! It looks super cozy and is a nice soft contrast next to the silk top. And oh my gosh I'm loving your sandals. Adorable!!