Wednesday, May 14, 2014

INSPIRATION: Summer Essentials + Blog Sale!

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This week's inspiration post is a little bit different from normal because these are things I'm actually going to buy within the next couple of weeks instead of just lusting over the pretty colors and fabrics but crying at the price tag. Everything on this list in under $50 (except the Birks), and these are basically all of my summer essentials. However, there's a happy $250 sitting on my computer screen that I don't have, and that is where you all come in.

In an effort to help make moving a little easier, I'm clearing out my closet, dressers, shoe racks, and book shelves. By the time you are reading this I will have the blog sale tab updated in my navigation bar, but you can also find my gently used (and some brand new!) items I just can't cart around anymore. Everything is under $20, and most will be under $10 if I can help it. I want these things to go, so prices are set darn low. Lower than they would be if I put them up on eBay.

And yes- this is an international sale! All postage/ordering/faq stuff is at the top of the sale page, so make sure to read that before emailing me with any questions, but if I don't answer something there, feel free to shoot me an email at (I check it at least twice a day).

So help a girl out, find some fun new things at super cheap prices, and click here. Seriously. Do it. MY INTERNSHIP STARTS IN 2.5 WEEKS! So order fast, the sale ends May 29th.

PS- Tomorrow's update will include shoes and books. Make sure to read tomorrow's post for the link or bookmark my shop tab so you don't miss out! You can also follow me on Twitter @styleduckling because I will be tweeting every time I add a new item.
xoxo, Katie