Saturday, September 15, 2012

#2 Lust List - Fall 2012

1. Nordic print leggings | 2. Mustard yellow skirt | 3. Maroon beanie | 4. Essie "Lilacism" | 5. Madden Girl "Zoiie" boots

Hello there, everyone, I'm home! I actually came home on Monday evening, but it was quite an ordeal. It seemed to take forever and a day, but I'm finally back into my normal routine. I've been sleeping like crazy (Wednesday I slept 18 hours!) but other than that, the antibiotics they have me on now are certainly doing the trick and I'm on the fast track to recovery. The worst part about this is that I am no longer allowed to have caffeine :( It's the price I have to pay for non-damaged kidneys, I suppose.

Now on to the real point! "The Lust List" Fall 2012 edition is here, and I am literally drooling over the items I have on here. The first is a pair of nordic print leggings. How adorable are the little deer floating around on them?! I've not actually found them in stores around me yet, they've just been floating around the internet. I'm a little afraid I won't like how the look once I order them, so I'm hoping they crop up somewhere soon... The second item is a mustard yellow skirt. I adore the mustard yellow color for fall (I'm also on the lookout for a pair of tights this color!), and this skirt is actually from Target. I think I'll make my way over there some time soon to try and snatch one up.

Item three is this super soft, super rich colored beanie from Topshop. I am so envious of people who have enough money to shop their on a regular basis, and for now I'm stuck looking for a knock off version of this or swooning after this one. Speaking of swooning, this grey-lilac Essie polish is at the top of the list. We all know I have a serious addition to polish, and a new season just means a new reason to buy new colors...right?

Last, but certainly not least, are the "Zoiie" Madden Girl boots. Last winter I saw them everywhere, but I had no idea they were Madden Girl brand, and I certainly wasn't forward enough to walk up to the owners and ask where they bought them. But this winter I am determined to find myself a perfect pair of brown equestrian style boots, even if they aren't this exact pair. My birthday is coming up in a few months, people, in case you're looking for ideas early ;) 


  1. such a wonderful blog honey =)

  2. Those boots are lovely!