Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Blog Design!! (And how you can get one too)

While I know I'm at risk of stating the obvious, I just can't help saying it...I GOT A NEW BLOG DESIGN! I am absolutely in love with it. Everything about this now feels so professional and put together, and I definitely think that it is going to help me to brand myself better. It even inspired me to take another look at my Youtube, and I may or may not be filming an update on my life video this week (considering I haven't made a video in 6 months, haha)

This blog design was really only possible through Joyce of Joyful Outfits, however. Elana is the one who clued me in on her genius-ness one day, and suggested a shoot her a quick email to let he know I was interested. Within 48 hours I had a reply back and it's been the best experience. She's accommodating, easy to work with, creative, open to ideas, and oh yeah, did I forget to mention that she's only 17?! The jealous sets in....

So, I decided to do a quick interview with her after she finished installing my layout (oh yeah, it was completely no hassle on my part. I didn't even have to mess around with setting it up).

Q: Which came first- the blogger or designer?
A: The blogger! When I just started out in 2011, I didn’t know anything about HTML or CSS but I slowly learned a bit every year while trying to tweak my own blog. I think a huge reason I started blog designing was so I wouldn’t keep changing my own. Otherwise, I would probably be changing my blog design every month, haha.  I’m also taking an Adobe Illustrator class soon so everything is still definitely a learning process.
Q: Is it difficult juggling being a senior in high school with a blog and personal business? Do you have other extra curriculars?
A: At first it was a little bit difficult because I didn’t realize that blog designing would take up a lot of time, but I really love doing it so I learned to prioritize my time better so I can keep designing. Other than blogging, I also play the harp and volunteer at the local zoo!
Q: The dreaded high school senior question…where are you going to school? What will you be studying? (It’s ok if you don’t know!)
A: Hopefully somewhere on the east coast! But since I’ve never lived anywhere but California, I’d really love to go to an out-of-state school. I’ve heard back from two schools so far (Northeastern University and University of Virginia) so now I’m just waiting for the rest of the decisions to come out. I’m thinking about studying business management with a concentration in entrepreneurship and a possible minor in computer science. But I might also want a minor in music or a minor in communications. I’m very excited about exploring more of what I like in college!

Q: You seem to have a real grip on everything, and you’re only 17! Is there a secret? Us 21-year-olds without a clue need to know.
A: Hmmm I’m not sure! I think for me, it’s learning what I truly enjoy doing and focusing on those things instead of trying to spread myself too thin.
Q: Anything else you’d like to throw at us? What’s your least favorite food and what did you do this last weekend?
A: My least favorite food would probably have to be fish eyes. I’m usually pretty open to trying new food but fish eyes just really scare me, hahah. My cousins love eating them though! For the three day weekend, I went to watch Frozen with my friends and went to a grilled cheese sandwich place for lunch. I also started making a bucket list with my friends for the last semester of high school! So far I have: learn how to surf, go to an Ellie Goulding concert, and get my driver’s license.
Q: Now the basics- if a reader wanted to get a fancy-schmancy blog design such as this, how would they go about doing that?
A: I have a blog design site Alcyonen (here) where you can purchase a template or a custom blog design :)

And I'll leave it at that! Her designs are spectacular, and very reasonably priced, I feel. I can't wait to see what the rest of 2014 has in store for The Style Duckling since already there has been quite a bit on commotion. Speaking of which, don't forget that the giveaway ends in 10 days! It's super easy to enter if you haven't already and you've got a whole site to chose from. Here's the link to the blog post. Adios!


  1. WOW! The design is super cute. I've been looking for a designer myself and will definitely be hitting her up :) Thank you so much for sharing!

    -- Alex at Brainy Girls Beauty

  2. Your blog looks great! It's so fresh and simple yet really pretty! I'll have to check her out since she did such a great job on your blog!

    Kendra | It's a Bug's Life

  3. she sounds great!
    checking out her blog now
    also your blog looks fantastic

  4. lovely outfits!

  5. i love your new blog design and i LOVE Joyce! she's seriously the best. all of her designs look incredible, but I'm also a huge fan of her style! I'm definitely considering a blog re-design...not that I wouldn't love it, just trying to think if it's something I want to spend $$ on right now. anyway- it looks great over here, and glad you included an interview.

    perfectly Priya