Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pattern Mixin' and Country Livin'

I've been putting off posting this because, well, it's been a busy week, haha. Getting acclimated to this new town, new people, trying to make new gets exhausting! These photos seem so far away even though they were just three weeks ago..

Top- Forever21
Shorts- Thrifted
Necklace- Betsey Johnson
Shoes- JuJu

These pictures don't match the sizes of the rest of the blog and it's driving me insane! They weren't taken on my specific camera though, so I suppose I can't complain. I didn't come prepared! The day was spent out in the 'country' at my grandpa's house, and it was surprisingly peaceful. I didn't think being out in the fields with some horses and cloudless skies would appeal to me, but it was a nice break from being in the crowded suburbs and cities. A quick trip to the grocery store for some grilling food revealed that I'm not meant for this life permanently, though. I saw FAR too many sparkly butt jeans and angel wing t-shirts out in Missouri for my own tastes!

This was my first real attempt at pattern mixing, and looking at the pictures I think one of the prints needed to be a little larger. Maybe some thicker stripes with the small polka dots or some larger polka dots with the skinny stripes. I don't think it turned out too badly though. Do you have any trips for print mixing?


  1. Love the countryside, and that dog is sooooo cute!

  2. Your dog is soooo cute!

  3. sparkly butt jeans and angel wings... wow that was like my 8th grade experience over here haha. sounds amazing visiting your grandpa's farm though, the scenery is gorgeous. love the shorts w/ the top, a nice neutral take on print mixing!
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    Mitla Moda