Sunday, August 11, 2013

Help me get into Inspired Magazine!

This is a slightly selfish post, I must admit, but what use is a blog is you can't share exciting life events! This happens to be a competition I'm enrolled in with Inspired Magazine to be featured for an entire month! The top two voted bloggers will be featured for a month, and the voting ends TOMORROW. Therefor, I'm calling on any of my faithful readers to please take just 30 seconds out of your days to do a couple clicks :)

To vote:

1- Click this link to "like" my picture in Inspired Magazine's album

2- Click this link to "like" the Inspired Magazine's Facebook page.

That's it! However, step 2 is VERY important as your vote will not count if you haven't liked the Facebook page as well. Best of luck to all entries and thank you to any of you who take your time to vote!

(Big thanks to my dad for making this KILLER banner!)

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