Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fairytale...Friday?: Belle

Ok, children, I realize it is a Tuesday. However, in an effort to pretend that a new week isn't underway  and that I don't have grown up responsibilities, I'm posting last week's "Fairytale Friday" today. 

And that is that.

This week marks the last of what I consider to be the "classic" Disney princesses. That's not to diminish the princesses in the coming weeks, but Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel, Sleeping Beauty, and Belle are the five that started the "princess franchise"...plus Belle happens to be my favorite :)

Dress and crop top - Newlook | Loafers - Valentino | Bag - Dooney and Burke | Earrings - Tory Burch | Bow- American Apparel | Lips - Nars "Isola Bella"

The point of these outfits is to make a wearable version of the princesses, and with pinafore dresses being "in" at the moment, it was just too perfect for Belle in her peasant outfit. Really, just about everything has a reason in this outfit. Her bag was originally going to be a tote, but I thought "you can't carry very many books without your arm falling off in a tote bag!"; Hence, the backpack. Her lipstick is a simple no-fuss peachy nude as Belle isn't the type to fuss with much, and her shoes are low-heel, easy slip-ons for the very same.

Dress - Ted Baker | Shoes - Dorothy Perkins | Earrings - Bloomingdales | Nail Polish - Chanel

I'm not sure which I love more: the butter yellow midi dress or the glitter sparkle heels. Either way, I had to include them. And wouldn't you know that it is ridiculously difficult to find a rose statement necklace? I looked for at least two hours trying to find one, but alas, I suppose it wasn't meant to be. 

Now, I can't make any promises, but I'm going to be needing quite a bit of distraction this week so it is more than a possibility that there will be a Fairytale Friday post ACTUALLY on Friday this week. Someone call the newspaper! Hopefully I'll be speaking to you then :)


  1. This is such an adorable feature!! Really love the bow from the first outfit. So on point!