Monday, July 1, 2013

Don't Panic, Help Is Here!

As the last day that I will be able to reach all of you via Google Reader (cue the tears), I thought it appropriate to leave you all with just a small reminder of how else to get ahold of my posts and keep up to date!

This is my personal favorite and the one that I find to be the simplest. All it takes it a quick sign-up and viola! You have a whole new page filled with just what blogs you choose to follow. You'll be updated on the homepage of who has updated since you last checked, be able to mark posts and entire blogs as read so posts don't repeatedly show up, and even mark certains posts as your favorites if you want to come back to them for future reference.

2. Bookmarking

Though you won't be able to receive notifications when I update, a simple bookmark with keep my little blog right at your finger tips. In most browsers there is a tab at the top of your screen marked "Bookmarks" and there will be a "Bookmark this page" option. Enter whatever little reminder you'd like and go along your merry way!

3. Facebook/Twitter

Links located in the righthand sidebar

I always provide a link on The Style Duckling Facebook page and send out a tweet as soon as a post in finished and posted. Liking the page will ensure that my posts are conveniently located in your Newsfeed and followed @StyleDuckling on Twitter will keep you updated with a simple 140 character tweet. You can even set to have updates sent to your phone via the Twitter app whenever a new tweet is sent out. Perfect, no? That's what I thought.

So never fear, my little ducklings, though an era of Google reading is drawing to a close, all is not lost. There are still plenty of ways to keep informed. Let me know your favorite and I hope to see you soon!

PS- I'm always looking for people to follow on Twitter! If you do follow me, make sure to send me a tweet and I'll follow you back :)

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