Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lust List #4

Mint Bralette- Victoria's Secret
Nude Blazer- Romwe
Blush maxi dress- MissSelfridge
Black maxi dress- River Island
Watch- Michael Kors
Bow flip flops- Ted Baker
Pleated shorts- Oasis
White/black skinnies- TopShop
Benefit's "Watts Up" highlighter
Jelly sandals- JuJu's

I know that I would normally commentate on the item's I've chosen for this edition of the "Lust List", but I just don't seem to have the spirit in me. My current job is sucking the life out of me day by day, and I didn't get the new job I had interviewed for. I also had to give up this little cat who has wandered on to our back porch, and while I know I couldn't have taken care of her for much longer (she was very pregnant), it's still sad to see an animal go. I really only made this post in an effort to cheer myself up by looking at pretty things. What's on your summer wish list?


  1. aw,those are all super cute-love the flip flops! e.l.f. highlighter for $1 = amazing. also, randomness which won't make you feel better, but lust for more which you should look up- Goldentote. It's a monthly clothing subscription service, and the clothes are ahhhhhdorable. Check out this months. I want it so bad, but alas, teenage budget = sadness.

  2. I really want some jelly sandals too, they're so cool!

    Megan xxx

  3. great choices, I love the look of those maxi dresses! gotta admit I have been lusting after the Ted Baker jelly sandals too!! reminds me so much of my childhood haha xx