Thursday, May 23, 2013

Instagram Life #3

OOTD - My 'every day' makeup - My first Razzleberry Peace Tea!
Rompers are the best - #mylife - OOTD featuring my DIY American Flag shorts
I was going to die - The Beauty Crush in TIME (and subscribing to my Youtube!) - the prettiest cat we found a home for
My makeup from prom - cuddling - my new favorite necklace in two OOTDS!

I feel like a default to these posts every time life gets busy and hectic and I'm not sure what else to post, but there is always positive feedback, so I'm just going to keep doing it! Life has just been BOOM-BOOM-BOOM one thing right after the next lately, and it's not slowing down. Weddings, work, vacation, it's all just piling up! I'm sure you all can relate. Hopefully I'll have some time to breathe in the next couple days, and there will be a proper post soon. Ta-ta for now!

(I really need a different ending. I don't want to sound like Tigger)

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  1. Lovely pictures! I love seeing little snapshots of bloggers' everyday lives. So cute :)